We are a licensed WV State Inspection Station. Please do not expect or ask us to break the law and pass your vehicle if it should not. What you have on your side with our business is , the truth. We do not make up things that are not wrong with your vehicle. We do however, take the safety of your family and ours seriously. Along with respect of our license. Our opinion of a station that would half hazzard slap a sticker on a vehicle, that should not pass , is not respectable. An individual who operates a motor vehicle , particularly with children on board, who would wish for, ask for, complain, get angry or expect a sticker on a vehicle.. that should not pass , is irresponsible.  Just as we do not respect stations who lie in the reverse . This is governed by the state police. If you would like to read through the State Inspection manual here is the link  http://www.wvsp.gov/forms/documents/mvi-manual.pdfhttp://www.wvsp.gov/forms/documents/mvi-manual.pdf

West Virginia State inspection