Lets have some REAL talk .. We ARE what and who we say we are. Every business claims to be "honest" , but we know all the horror stories and know for a fact it is not true.  The reality is that although originally an owners intention may have been to be an honest shop and be a good business ,the problem comes in with hired help. Most mechanics generally have "backyard" auto knowledge or have isolated expertise on one particular make and model. This is because they do not demand a high pay scale and are usually younger inexperienced mechanics. That is not to put them down, it is just the truth. This is not 100% the case, but it is very common.

The business may state, all makes and models, but that isn't truly the case either. So then you have inexperienced tech and a shop who in no way could afford the experienced. This is why we stay small. You will not have just anyone in and out of your vehicle. Dealerships hate shops like us. They want all the business back to them at $200+ an hour. With the same techs mentioned above. Biggest scam is "warranty". They will cover what was promised , but while the vehicle is there , other issues that are not covered by warranty , which actually do not exist , you will be charged. for. You will pay it  because now the the vehicle is hostage 

Then you may think well ,the cost wouldn't bother me so much as long as I am treated good and the work is complete and proper . Which brings us to the next problem ...back to the inexperience of the technicians. On top , not treated so good either.

Then you have your straight up dishonest people. These are the shops that swap out your good parts of your car while you are having service on something else. They take your good parts, replace it with junk ones and then later on you wonder why your car broke down again. Or you paid for work that was never even done. Owners or managers push the technicians to do unnecessary work. Other examples are being charged for new parts but used parts are being installed on the vehicle. Or they will do horrible repair work that can damage the vehicle further with different problems you never had,  causing you thousands later.

You also have shops that give you an estimate over the phone that sounds to good to be true and of course you jump on it , but only to find out later the estimate changes after they already have you there. Our quotes do not change! Some places do damage on purpose to your vehicle in order to gain the work , since it is already in their possession .Chances are ,you will say ok to more suggested repairs. This comes often with state inspection.

The reason we are a cut above and very different is because the owner is also the lead mechanic/ technician. He is not just working for someone else who could care less about that business. He also has the experience, training, knowledge, passion and desire for the business to succeed. 35+ years out of a persons life is a long time. Many classes, certifications, endless hours of lifetime have been spent on nothing but vehicles. We are not crooks. We are looking to provide a quality service and build great relationships with our community. We are a normal average family who work very very hard.  We will get to know you and your vehicles  . There will no worry that this or that person ,who may or may not know what they are doing, is in and out of your vehicle.

If you call a repair shop sometimes a service writer will try to diagnose your vehicle from the phone based on your description. This is not an adequate way to begin car repair. The vehicle needs to be seen. This is the reason that you get charged for things that were never wrong with the car to start with. With us, you will never have to worry about that . We are family oriented and people you can trust , we go the extra mile every time. I won't say we are perfect because we are human and make mistakes too, but we back up our work and will take care of you like family. That is our promise.

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